Photoshop: Impossible Creature

Objective (I can:)

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of software applications
  2. Delineate compatibility issues involving digital file formats
  3. Use vocabulary related to digital graphics
  4. Analyze the designs to decide the point of interest and prominence
  5. Combine graphics for foundation or enrichment curricular projects
  6. Read and use technical documentation
  7. Demonstrate proficiency in and appropriate use of the Internet
  8.  Use lightning techniques including shadows and shading to create an effect
  9.  Publish information in saved files

Method (by:)

This lesson uses a variety of Photoshop tools to merge pieces of two (or more) different animals to create an entirely new creature. Students begin with an animal image and make a selection of a part of another animal using the Magnetic Lasso and Lasso tools, then move the selection into the first image. Students then transform, clone, erase, blur, adjust opacity, and perform other operations on the selection to make it appear as though it belongs on the animal. Students get valuable practice making and editing selections as well as blending two images together to make them appear seamless. Students end the unit by creating an impossible hybrid creature of their own.


Adobe Photoshop CC 2019

Impossible Creature Instructions

Retrieve the Rabbit and Parrot pictures from  Google Classroom


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