Maya: Modeling from a Source Image


Apply knowledge of tools and techniques in Maya to create a 3D model of a character using reference images.

We will work through the process of creating a character model of a simple penguin in class. We will learn to import images to use for reference in our project. We will use numerous tools in Maya to create our model.

Turn In:
When finished with your penguin, use the snipping tool to capture multiple images from different angles with your edges visible on the mesh. I want to see your edge flow. Post the images to your blog.

Adobe Illustrator: Gang of Ninjas



I can use common adobe illustrator tools effectively with a 70% accuracy.


Following the given instructions, the student will use shape, text, and pen tools to create a vector image of a Gang of Ninjas.  The student will also demonstrate their ability to effectively use fill and stroke, manipulate shapes, and create characters is various poses. Feel free to get creative as you work. 


create a gang of ninjas

Animate CC: Bouncing Ball



I can apply previously learned skills in Animate CC and demonstrate a basic principle of animation to create the illusion of a ball bouncing across the stage


Following the tutorial videos, students will create a bouncing ball effect using the animation principle of Squash and Stretch. I will also demonstrate my ability to use the Onion Skin feature in Animate CC. 


Part 1

Part 2

Model Simple Human Character

Model Simple Human


Work on becoming more familiar and comfortable with modeling tools in Maya


Follow the below tutorials to master the proper steps in modeling a basic humanoid character.The videos are in an older version of Maya, but most of the tools are the same. In video 3 you will use the bridge tool instead of the append tool to join the fingers to the rest of the hand.


Part 01:

Part 02

Part 03:

Part 04:

Turn In:

Post progress snips every Wednesday and Friday to your blog as you work through the videos. Make sure to write brief descriptions for each post that contains which steps, techniques, and tools that you utilized that day.

Animate CC-Intro

Objective (I Can):

• Create a new file in Adobe Animate CC.
• Understand the different Adobe Animate document types.
• Adjust Stage settings and document properties.
• Add layers using the Timeline panel.
• Understand and manage keyframes in the timeline.
• Work with imported images in the Library panel.
• Move and reposition objects on the Stage.
• Add filters and color effects to keyframes.
• Open and work with panels.
• Select and use tools in the Tools panel.
• Preview my animation.
• Save a file

Method (by):

Creating a simple slideshow-type animation to showcase a few vacation
snapshots. We will add a background, photos, and some decorative elements, and in the process learn about positioning elements on the Stage and placing them along the timeline of the animation so that they appear one at a time, in sequence. We will use the Stage to organize your visual elements spatially,
and how to use the Timeline panel to organize your elements temporally.


All Animate CC Resources can be found in Google Classroom.

Intro to Adobe Illustrator


I can identify elements of the Illustrator user interface (UI) and demonstrate knowledge of their functions by

1. Using non-printing design tools in the interface

2. Demonstrating an understanding of and select the appropriate features and options required to manage color, pattern, and gradient swatches.

3. Demonstrate knowledge of layers and masks.

4. Import, export, and save files.

5. Demonstrate knowledge of how to create documents.

6. Demonstrate knowledge of how to use drawing and shape tools.

7. Demonstrate knowledge of preparing graphics for web, print, and video.

8. Explain the advantages and disadvantages between Vector and Bitmap images 


Students will watch tutorial videos to become familiar with the user interface (UI) when working within illustrator.

Students will become familiar with the most common tools in Adobe Illustrator such as the select tool, direct select tool, and the pen tool by completing various practice exercises. 

Assignments to be completed and posted to your blog:

1. Illustrator Tools Worksheet (can do as a group)

2. Pen Tool Exercise 1

3. Pen Tool Exercise 2


Pen Tool Exercise Video

NOTE: You will use Pen tool Exercise 1 worksheet for this assignment. You will do Pen Tool Exercise 2 on your own. Both files are in Google Classroom. 

In Google Classroom you will find the following assets:

  1. Pen Tool Exercise 1
  2. Pen Tool Exercise 2
  3. Illustrator tool worksheet
  4. Shortcut Reference Guide

Extra Practice:

Bezier Game

Beizer Game Instructions Video