Character Animator: Southpark


The student will become familiar with the animation process in Adobe Character Animator CC. They will learn how to Import assets, sync Adobe Illustrator and Rig the character for animation. Additionally, the student will use the Triggers and Lip Sync functions to sync their puppets movements and voice recordings to the animation.

Keywords to know:


Key Frames

Frames Per Second (fps)

Behaviors (Dragger, Face, Lip Sync, Eye Gaze, Physics, Transform, Triggers)

Tools (Selection too, Hand tool, Zoom tool, Handle tool, Stick tool, Push Pin tool, Dragger tool, Dangle tool)


Using the Southpark Character the student created in Adobe Illustrator, the student will work through the tutorials posted above to learn the Adobe Character Animator software. When finished, the student will then work as a part of a group of 2 or 3, and create a 1 minute cartoon. This includes story boarding, and script writing. 

The following must be visible in the cartoon:

  1. Import two or more characters into the same scene
  2. Import assets like a background.
  3. Show that character is properly constructed (no floating parts)
  4. Model use of three non-speaking mouth
  5. Model use of 11 speaking mouths (vizemes)
  6. Model use of the dragger tool
  7. Model use of the trigger feature
  8. 1 minute in length minimum. It can be longer.


Show use of the dragger tool

Show use of the trigger feature

Sync a voice recording


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