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Principle of Design Assignments

In the Principles of Arts, Animation, Audio/Video technology and communications class, student will develop an understanding of the various and multifaceted career opportunities, along with the basics and backgrounds of the various tracks in this career cluster. Hand on learning is a focus of this class. Below are some of the career disciplines of which the students will be introduced.

  • Graphic Design and Illustration
  • Photography
  • Animation
  • AV Production
  • Fashion
  • Communication
  • Employability Skills

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12 Principles of Animation

Objective: The student will review and apply the 12 Principles of Animation. Method: Work through teacher led discussion to identify and act out the 12 principles of animation. Turn In: The students will take notes and create a blog post.  Create a new post on your blog that contains a definition, video example, and explanation … Continue reading 12 Principles of Animation

InDesign: Introduction

Objective: The student will learn how to do the following:• Open documents.• Select and use tools.• View information in the Properties panel.• Use the Application bar and Control panel.• Manage document windows.• Work with panels.• Customize the workspace.• Change the magnification of a document.• Navigate through a document.• Use context menus and panel menus.• Change … Continue reading InDesign: Introduction


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