Create Your Own Multiple Me


The student will take the photoshop skills they have learned in the Multiplicity Assignment and create their own multiple me photo.


1 subject: Could be a sibling, a parent, friend, any family member really or yourself

3-5 poses 

2 of the poses should be interacting with each other.

Be Creative


This video is to help in case you run into some issues with aligning your picture in photoshop. 






Orr Multiple Me



Multiple Me


Actually creating an illusion in Photoshop requires planning and strategy before executing the final project. In this assignment you will be creating the
illusion of a single person occupying and interacting with themselves in a single scene.


Using the videos below and the resources found in Google Classroom, put together a Photo where you have cloned the subject into five different poses.


Google Classroom

Character Animator: Southpark


The student will become familiar with the animation process in Adobe Character Animator CC. They will learn how to Import assets, sync Adobe Illustrator and Rig the character for animation. Additionally, the student will use the Triggers and Lip Sync functions to sync their puppets movements and voice recordings to the animation.

Keywords to know:


Key Frames

Frames Per Second (fps)

Behaviors (Dragger, Face, Lip Sync, Eye Gaze, Physics, Transform, Triggers)

Tools (Selection too, Hand tool, Zoom tool, Handle tool, Stick tool, Push Pin tool, Dragger tool, Dangle tool)


Using the Southpark Character the student created in Adobe Illustrator, the student will work through the tutorials posted above to learn the Adobe Character Animator software. When finished, the student will then work as a part of a group of 2 or 3, and create a 1 minute cartoon. This includes story boarding, and script writing. 

The following must be visible in the cartoon:

  1. Import two or more characters into the same scene
  2. Import assets like a background.
  3. Show that character is properly constructed (no floating parts)
  4. Model use of three non-speaking mouth
  5. Model use of 11 speaking mouths (vizemes)
  6. Model use of the dragger tool
  7. Model use of the trigger feature
  8. 1 minute in length minimum. It can be longer.


Show use of the dragger tool

Show use of the trigger feature

Sync a voice recording


Illustrator Mastery Lesson: Create a Southpark Character in your likeness

southpark character


The students will demonstrate their mastery of standard graphic design tools in Adobe Illustrator by creating a original work with 70% accuracy. The students will also demonstrate their ability to group and organize their work to maintain a clean and efficient work space. 


In order to accomplish the objective, the student will use a source image to create a Southpark character in their own likeness using the tools they learned in the previous Hippo and Ninja assignments.  The students will create layers and groups compatible with Character Animator CC so that their new avatar can be animated in a future date. 


Southpark Avatar Website

Character Animator Cheat Sheet


Post  before and after progress snips every Wednesday and Friday to your blog as you work through the building of your character. Make sure to write brief descriptions for each post that contains which steps, techniques, and tools that you utilized that day. 

Adobe Illustrator: Gang of Ninjas



I can use common adobe illustrator tools effectively with a 70% accuracy.


Following the given instructions, the student will use shape, text, and pen tools to create a vector image of a Gang of Ninjas.  The student will also demonstrate their ability to effectively use fill and stroke, manipulate shapes, and create characters is various poses. Feel free to get creative as you work. 


create a gang of ninjas

Intro to Adobe Illustrator


I can identify elements of the Illustrator user interface (UI) and demonstrate knowledge of their functions by

1. Using non-printing design tools in the interface

2. Demonstrating an understanding of and select the appropriate features and options required to manage color, pattern, and gradient swatches.

3. Demonstrate knowledge of layers and masks.

4. Import, export, and save files.

5. Demonstrate knowledge of how to create documents.

6. Demonstrate knowledge of how to use drawing and shape tools.

7. Demonstrate knowledge of preparing graphics for web, print, and video.

8. Explain the advantages and disadvantages between Vector and Bitmap images 


Students will watch tutorial videos to become familiar with the user interface (UI) when working within illustrator.

Students will become familiar with the most common tools in Adobe Illustrator such as the select tool, direct select tool, and the pen tool by completing various practice exercises. 

Assignments to be completed and posted to your blog:

1. Illustrator Tools Worksheet (can do as a group)

2. Pen Tool Exercise 1

3. Pen Tool Exercise 2


Pen Tool Exercise Video

NOTE: You will use Pen tool Exercise 1 worksheet for this assignment. You will do Pen Tool Exercise 2 on your own. Both files are in Google Classroom. 

In Google Classroom you will find the following assets:

  1. Pen Tool Exercise 1
  2. Pen Tool Exercise 2
  3. Illustrator tool worksheet
  4. Shortcut Reference Guide

Extra Practice:

Bezier Game

Beizer Game Instructions Video





Photoshop: Rocket and Clock Animation

Objective (I can)

use technology applications when completing Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications projects and processes. The student is expected to:

(A)  use technology applications such as social media, email, Internet, writing and publishing, presentation, and spreadsheet or database applications for Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications projects; and

(B)  use processes such as personal information management, file management, and file sharing.

 understandprinciples of commercial photography. The student is expected to:

(A)  demonstrate knowledge of photographic composition and layout; and

(B)  evaluate photographs using principles of art, commercial photography standards, and critical-thinking skills.


I can use frame animation to create an animated rocket and clock and export it as an animated GIF file.  (2 DIFFERENT ASSIGNMENTS)


All resources for the Rocket Animation AND the Clock Animation are on Google Classroom.

Google Classroom

Photoshop: Wooden Text

Objective (I can:)

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of software applications
  2. Delineate compatibility issues involving digital file formats
  3. Use vocabulary related to digital graphics
  4. Analyze the designs to decide the point of interest and prominence
  5. Combine graphics for foundation or enrichment curricular projects
  6. Read and use technical documentation
  7. Demonstrate proficiency in and appropriate use of the Internet
  8.  Use lightning techniques including shadows and shading to create an effect
  9.  Publish information in saved files

Method (by:)

Making shiny text in Photoshop is a great way to liven up publications or customer literature. Photoshop text effects can also help to improve the readability of a document, calling attention to headers and helping to make the document’s structure more clear. One of the best ways to create this type of effect in Photoshop is by using the program’s Layer Effects tools on your text. The Layer Effects tools allows you to add drop-shadows, beveling and light effects across entire layers of your image, so you can create shine effects on even large amounts of text.


Wooden Text Instructions

Google Classroom for Photos